Unalome was a great find having manufactured furniture for the last 12 years in Asia I have found a group of artisans and craftsmen who could bring my designs to life.
A manufacturer that knows their trade and has integrity in their processes. Thanks again for making my life as a designer a little bit easier and an end to sleepless nights of worrying if production will come out as it’s been designed.

A colleague of mine saw Unalome at the HD Expo in Las Vegas show and referred them to me to use on a project in Spain. Their quality products are unique and the prices are extremely competitive. The level of professionalism was so refreshing work with and they were pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend specifying their myriad of amazing and versatile design options for any hospitality space-indoor or outdoor. An overall amazing experience and looking forward to many more wonderful projects together!

People have been raving about the furniture so that was truly a success. Our first yelp review for it mentions the furniture too.

Ako! We did it and I have to thank you and your people. I hope when you guys come out next year for the expo, you guys can come check it out in person.

Everything looks wonderful and we’ve received a ton of compliments.

I have had the pleasure of working with Unalome on several large design and furniture initiatives in recent years. Specifically, we worked with the great team in Indonesia to design and order hotel guest room furniture at two of our full-service, ocean front, upscale resorts in Hawaii. Unalome has also manufactured and delivered custom furniture for two of our resort restaurants.Their team has been amazing to work with and I am honored to recommend them for any furniture project you may be considering.The professionalism of the team, their responsive approach and ‘can-do’ attitude is second to none.You will be thrilled with the quality of the furniture and the overall experience working with them on your dream projects.